L’ilot Marchand in Pourville

Meeting between Jean Marchand and Jean Percillier

Jean Marchand acquired the 4 hectares of land overlooking the Scie valley and the beach of Pourville-sur-mer in 1957. Determined to build 21st century houses, he had the chance to meet the architect Jean Percillier. The connection between the two men was immediate.

Jean Percillier, the American influence

Thanks to a scholarship rewarding his diploma, Jean Percillier had just spent a year in the United States. There, he had to earn a living and he was hired by the famous architectural firm of Eero Saarinen.

During his American stay, he dedicated his honeymoon to discovering the newly built houses by architects Richard Neutra and Frank Lloyd Wright.

L’ilot Marchand in Pourville
L’ilot Marchand in Pourville


An ambitious owner, a visionary architect

The two men got along quickly. Jean Marchand then entrusted him with the creation of his house which had to be ahead of its time and above all not look like the buildings built 150 years ago.

The house built in 1959, Jean Marchand invited his friends from the Lions Club who made fun of Pourville's "Fada". According to them, nothing should grow on the bare ground of “Fada”: the future proved them wrong.

To avoid setting up a campsite under his windows, he did not hesitate to acquire the surrounding 4 hectares of land. At the time no one wanted it. It’s hard to imagine today as the view from this place is astounding.

L’ilot Marchand in Pourville

With Jean Percillier, they established a project for several houses with a large individual surface area. These houses differ in the number of rooms and their layout, but have a very recognizable unity of style.

This project presented to the prefecture in 1962 was accepted, the architect imposed, thus avoiding the project of another person who wanted to build a Norman cottage there.

Text inspired by a writing by Jean Marchand dating from October 14, 2005

L’ilot Marchand today

Today l'ilot Marchand, sometimes called Marchand City, is one of the most beautiful locations on the Normandy coast. The reasons are simple:

  • Close to downtown Dieppe

Dieppe city center is very close, middle school, high school, train station and all shops are quickly accessible by car, by bike, or even on foot.

  • Stuning view

The beaches of the Alabaster Coast are oriented to the North/North-West. However, on this hillside of the valley, the houses face South/South-West. They therefore have optimal brightness. As a bonus, they have a magnificent view of the cliffs of Pourville, painted in particular by Claude Monet. Every evening the sunset offers an orange light (the "golden hour") penetrating widely into the houses designed by Percillier, as there are so many openings.

L’ilot Marchand in Pourville


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