Web Diffusion

At Leforestier Immobilier we are convinced that the future of real estate is on the web and that the behaviours change, that has taken place over the past 10 years has not stopped accelerating. This is why we invest a lot in our own communication (our website, Facebook page, Google Adwords campaign, etc.) but also on web portals with a very wide distribution.
Voluntarily, we choose broadcast media that resemble us and that maintain a high level of performance in terms of image and communication. Like the properties we sell ...

Here are the different media on which we communicate:
Propriete LeFigaro Site passerelle Leforestier Immobilier

Le Figaro Property

Prestigious communication platform linked to 14 international real estate portals. The agency Leforestier has chosen to communicate on properties LeFigaro because in addition to correspond in its level of standing for web communication, and is in connection with 14 international real estate portals.

Se Loger

First general site in France, it seems important to us also to communicate on sites that can reach the greatest number.

Se loger site passerelle Leforestier Immobilier
Green Acres Site passerelle Leforestier Immobilier

Green Acres

Specialized in advertising abroad, the Green Acres portal is a reference in terms of international distribution. The agency Leforestier broadcasts your ads abroad and communicates a lot with the English clientele, Belgian see Dutch. Our region attracts many potential buyers wishing to take advantage of the advantages of Normandy.


FNAIM web platform, Bien'Ici broadcasts widely throughout France and uses geolocation. Large broadcaster because promoted by the FNAIM, the largest real estate agents network in France, the Bien'Ici portal was launched in 2015 and uses geolocation to help buyers find the property they are looking for.

Bien Ici Site passerelle Leforestier Immobilier
Ouest France Immo site Passerelle Leforestier Immobilier

Ouest France immo

Web portal specialized on the real estate of all the west of France. The French west coast is very popular with the French population, see European, the portal West France Immo has specialized in the dissemination of advertising on this sector in particular


Official website of the FNAIM. Includes all the announcements of the members of the FNAIM.

Site officiel de la FNAIM. Regroupe l'ensemble des annonces des membres de la FNAIM. 
Franimo site Passerelle Leforestier Immobilier


English-language ad serving site in English and Dutch. English-language ad serving site in English and Dutch.



We communicate on our Facebook page and set up paid advertising campaigns for our best mandates. We target potential customers through Facebook which has the advantage of increasing the web traffic of the ad and thus make it more popular on search engines.