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Optimizing internet communication requires significant human and financial resources.

At Leforestier real estate agency, we favor quality over quantity. In exchange for the trust of our "vendor" customers who grant us exclusivity, we invest significantly more significantly in time, resources, technical expertise, editorial expertise, SEO ...

HDR photo

Photography is and will remain the very first vector of communication of real estate. "A photograph is worth more than a hundred words" can we hear. Web portals, digital media, language barriers, photography goes everywhere and for everyone.

As a result, and to achieve the best exterior and interior shots, Leforestier agency employees train with specialized professional photographers and equip themselves with "ultra wide angle" lenses and software to broadcast reports in very high definition.

Video editing, aerial photography

Since late 2017 the agency has equipped a drone to allow us to take aerial shots ourselves. We have complied with the legislation by validating a ULM theoretical diploma and declaring our activity to the competent authorities (DGAC).

The interest for the agency is multiple:
- Aerial shots give the opportunity to see the properties as a whole and from a new angle. As a character goods specialist, the value of this kind of tool is enormous.
- Mastering the competence internally to the agency and not by an external provider allows us to be flexible and to take the best shots at the best time. We are getting closer to our customers, for, with them showing the best of their property.
- Video editing of aerial shots particularly affects the emotional potential buyers. At the Leforestier agency, we do not sell surfaces, rooms or land but properties with their own unique charm. The video allows us to transcribe that in the best way.

Drone for real estate

3D Matterport 

In a permanent questioning of our communication practices, at the Leforestier agency we were interested at the beginning of 2018 in new technologies allowing to realize 3D virtual visits. Among all the available offers ranging from the 360 ​​photo to the real 3D scanner, it is of course that we are oriented towards the most successful tools. We acquired the Matterport technology.

This real 3D scanner allows us to bring a potential buyer into the interior of a castle, the house of charm or an apartment. Our potential buyers often live far from Normandy (Belgium, United Kingdom, Ile de France, etc.), they appreciate this type of new technologies. In addition, as a real scanner and not just a 360 camera, the device allows for 2D plans and a preview of the entire property in 3D.

The best is still to test it;)

Here is an example of a 3D realization for this castle on sale at Leforestier Immobilier.