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Protection of privacy on the website Leforestier Immobilier

You can visit our sites without having to reveal any personal information. Only connection data (see "Data collected by Leforestier Immobilier" below) are used by Leforestier Immobilier for statistical purposes to enrich the editorial content and adapt it to the needs of Internet users.

Personal data (username, surname, first name, email address, ....) Can be collected from time to time, for example when requesting information via the contact page or when connecting to your customer area. The information you agree to transmit allows us to respond to your requests and requests for information about our services and our company. This personal data will be kept only for the time necessary to perform the function for which this information was obtained and are used in compliance with legal obligations. The personal data collected are neither communicated nor given to third parties. The personnel of Leforestier Immobilier having access to this data is restricted and is informed of their confidential nature.

Finally, no nominative data is collected without your knowledge.

Data collected by Leforestier Immobilier

Leforestier Immobilier collects statistical data of attendance. These data are connection data relative to, for example, the browser used, the number of pages viewed, the number of visits, the path of the user on a site, the time spent on a site, a page, the filling of the site. basket or its abandonment, etc.

No personal primary data (surname, first name, telephone, address, ...) is collected at our initiative when realizing the service provided by Leforestier Immobilier.

Only two types of secondary data (that is, data that can not be ruled out in some cases could be traced back to an individual) are collected by Leforestier Immobilier, the cookie and the IP.

Cookie and Unique Visitor:

A "cookie" is a text file that records information relating to the internet user's browsing. He is under the control of the browser.

For Internet users, "cookies" are the best way to customize their browsing. They often allow them to avoid the repetition of commercials, questions, but also to save time on sites where it is necessary to enter a username and / or password.

For Leforestier Immobilier, "cookies" make it possible to obtain more detailed and relevant statistical studies. The use of cookies only makes it possible to refine the analysis of JavaScript markers by recognizing a visitor as being unique during his various visits (knowing that he is the same Internet user without knowing who he is). These "cookies" store only a unique alphanumeric identifier specific to a device of the Internet user and are in no way used to collect nominative information about visitors.

All the results obtained are compiled and totally anonymous. They focus on navigation and behavior: number of visitors, visits, page views and other information needed to measure the interests of Internet users. They therefore make it possible to improve the ergonomics and the content of the sites visited.

Obligation of information of the Net surfers on the existence of the service of measure of hearing
Leforestier Immobilier undertakes to inform the Internet users of its website of the existence of the processing carried out by Leforestier Immobilier as well as their rights of access, rectification, opposition and deletion to personal data (IP and Cookie) concerning them, as well as the possibility of Opt-out detailed below.

For example, the customer may include on his website the following message: "In order to better serve you, we measure the number of pages viewed, the number of visits, as well as the activity of visitors to the site and their frequency of return. thanks to the site If you do not wish to be audited, you can refer to Leforestier Immobilier's website on privacy and follow the instructions provided. It may also include an Opt-out iframe on its own website.

Right of access, rectification and deletion

Leforestier Immobilier's website has a right of access, rectification and deletion for the personal data collected by Leforestier Immobilier concerning it. For the exercise of these rights, the Internet user is invited to contact us:

- via the form available on the Contact page of our website;

- by mail addressed to Leforestier Immobilier:

6 Street the cross Paon 76590 Criquetot On Longueville

Blocking Cookies
In any case, the Internet user has the control of these cookies, since they are stored on